What is NFC and RFID Technology?

As our lives are diverging towards technology. New and Smart ways are continuously developing to make our present and future, easy and comfortable with the help of technology.

We have seen many smartphones comes with a technology called NFC i.e NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION for transmission of data such as files, music etc.. But before knowing about NFC I will tell you about RFID or parent of NFC.


RFID is One-way data transmission system. As the name says it uses Radio waves. It contains 3 parts Tags, antenna, and reader. Data stored in Tags(encrypted memory chip) transmitted to the reader via antenna.

There are 2 types of tags :

Active tags: Active tags have their own power source. So it transmits signals to a wide range say 100 meters.
Passive tags: Passive tags have not their own portable power source.
So the question is where they get power for transmission?
the answer is these tags are activated when it comes in contact with Reader which is generating an electromagnetic field and active Tags.

There are 3 types of Passive tags: Low-frequency tags(125-134.2 kHz), High-Frequency(HF) tags(13.56MHz) and Ultra High-frequency(UH)(856 - 960 MHz).

It is used in 

  • Tracking of Goods.
  • Tracking of person and animals.

Now comes the NFC,


NFC works on the principal of RFID. The frequency of NFC is nearly equaled to HF-RFID(13.6 MHz). But unlike RFID, NFC is a two-way transmission. Just like in smartphones you can send and receive information.
NFC is a useful transmission technology because it doesn't require any pairing codes(like in Bluetooth) and its power consumption is very low.

Lately, it comes in smartphones for sharing photos, music, files etc but now it is used for contactless payments by smartphones.
It is a revolution for contactless payments. And soon it can replace Barcodes.

RFID vs. NFC: What

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