Curiosity vol. 1

We do and see many things in our daily life but do we don't know how this thing works and what's going on behind the scene. here are the few things... to generate your curiosity

1. Earphones. Earphones become part of our lives like mobile phones but we never notice that some earphones pins have 2 rings and some have 3.

Those which have 2 rings are known as TRS(tip-ring-sleeve) this means they don't have microphones in them.
And Those which have 3 are known as TRRS(tip-ring-ring-sleeve) which means they have microphone availability in them.
So only by see the earphone jack adapter you know the microphone functionality provided in them or not. 

2. U-shaped basin pipes.
The pipes fitted below our wash basins are U-shaped but not straight or right angled why?.
Reason: because of U-shaped there is always some water stored in it. And this stored water act as a blockage for sewer gases and toxic gases to enter in our house. And secure us from airborne diseases. The same mechanism also used in our Toilets.

3.Orange balls on power lines.

Have you ever seen these orange or red coloured balls hang on the high power lines?
These large balls are known as visibility marker balls or marker balls. The high power lines or skylines are sometimes not visible due to terrain background. So aeroplanes and helicopters pilots aren't able to see them. To avoid any type of accidents these balls fit on power lines as a warning sign for pilots.

4.Brushes on Escalators.

Why there are brushes at edges of the escalator?
These brushes prevent our clothes or shoelaces from being trapped at the edges of escalators by reminding us that our body part is too close to the moving edge. So keep your legs between these yellows lines to avoid any injury. And also these brushes are not to clean your shoes.

5.Random Alphanumeric numbers on T.V.

Many times you must have seen such codes while watching T.V.
These alphanumeric numbers are known as Fingerprint/VC(viewing card) number.These numbers are the part of Anti-piracy measures taken by the channel.
These numbers are unique for every region.
Understand it this way...
suppose you have a setup box provided by the cable operator
and you are watching a live football match and start recording and live streaming match online.this is called piracy. So that random number appears everywhere and cable company notice it and take further actions against you.

6.Why we should not see Solar Eclipse.

We are not allowed to see solar eclipse with naked eyes because when eclipse start to over and the sun peeks from behind, it throws away more powerful rays than normal which damages our retina.
At the moment of Total solar eclipse, there is dark everywhere and our pupil opens widely to let a large amount of light enters in it And after eclipse over the sun releases more light from behind which enters in widely open pupil and damaged eye internally.


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