Story of a Futuristic Man

Imagine if humans travel to other planets, Imagine if earth gets free from Global Warming, Imagine if you travel a place which is thousands of miles away in seconds. To change our all imaginations into reality a boy is born 46 years ago in Pretoria, South Africa on 28 June 1971, to a family of a model and engineer. 
From the childhood, this boy was an avid reader.At age 12, the age when other children are busy in playing video games he taught himself computer programming, make a video game and sell it for USD500. But on the other hand, he faces many problems as a child like bullying at school for which he even hospitalized for once, at 9 his parents divorced but something special is already written in his destiny.

He gets his Bachelor degree in physics as well in economics in 1997. As David Allen said, "you can do anything but not everything ". But as opposite of David Allen quote his interest is in outer space, renewable energy and fastest growing thing in his time is the Internet due to which he left his Ph.D. program after two days to pursue his interests.
In 1995, he started a company with his brother know as Zip2. It gets success and he wanted to become CEO but board members didn't allow him. later the Compaq acquired Zip2 and he gets his share USD 22million.

Later in his Life, he started a company from money he gets from his previous successful companies Zip2 and Paypal, known as SpaceX, a space exploration company because his main dream of becoming humans interplanetary.
The time when many automobile industries think that cars cannot run on batteries for a long time and won't generate more power.He is the man who proves them wrong and started an automobile industry known as Tesla Motors(now Tesla Inc.). Despite successfully establishing many companies he also faces many obstacles throughout his journey to change the world.
Don't go in names of big companies made by him he also tackle lots of problems like 
  • First Paypal product was considered as one of the 10 worst business ideas.
  • In 1999, crashed his newly bought MacLaren F1 worth USD 1 million.
  • Ousted from Paypal while on a honeymoon.
  • In 2000, almost died from cerebral malaria.
  • In 2001, Russians refused to sell him rockets to send mice or plants to Mars.
  • In 2006, first ever rocket launched and it explodes.
  • In 2007, second rocket launch and get the same result.
  • In 2008,  third rocket launch with NASA satellite and same result.
  • Tesla Model S has various problems with spontaneous battery combustion.
  • Model X deliveries delay more than 18 months.
  • 5th rocket explosion at launch with Facebook satellite for Africa onboard(worth USD300 million).
But as he himself said

He and his perseverance conquer all problems in later years.
He is 
  • CEO and CTO of SpaceX.
  • CEO and Product Architect of Tesla Inc.
  • Chairman of Solar City.
  • Co-Chairman of Open-AI.
  • Founder of Neuralink.
  • Co-Founder of Paypal.
  • Father of 6 sons.
 As the world richest man Bill Gates give career advice on to become filthy rich. Bill Gates suggested 3 platforms for success is
  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Energy
  3. Biotechnology
And today Elon Musk already set his Flag in all the 3 platforms and soon he begins his preparation to set one more flag on Mars.

we all know who is Ironman in Reel life but he is the Iron of Real life, of course, he is the real inspiration behind that character.

Today he is the idol of many young minds, many of wanted to be like him. He is at Rank 80 of world richest people.Many people surprise that the man who owned many companies how he not in the top 10 that's because he very well knows How to Invest? and Where to Invest?.

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