Interesting Physics Facts

Everything takes place in this world, every phenomenon we experience in our surroundings has an explanation. Especially physics laws describe mostly everything from rocket science to why we yawn from black holes to Mariana trench. we live according to the laws of physics of nature.
Here is the few day to day life explanations of simple things with the taste of physics...
1. How to Determine the weather with a cup of Coffee/Tea?

  • If Bubbles quickly move to the edge of the cup then the weather will remain clear for next 12hrs.

  • If bubbles wandering at the center of a cup then there will be rain in next 12hrs.
  • If bubbles slowly move to the edge of a cup then the weather will be clear for next few hours.
make sure bubble formed as required.

Physics: During sunny weather, the atmospheric pressure increases which move the bubbles to edge of the cup. And
during an unsettled weather, the atmospheric pressure decreases which are not able to move bubbles to the edge.

2. How credit card works?

There are simple electromagnetism laws working here, there is a black magnetic tape at the backside of all the cards in a specific pattern. The card slot of the machine contains coils when we insert or slide the card a minimal current produced in coils due to change in magnetic field(this phenomenon is known as electromagnetic induction) which send signals to your account and provides information to the machine.

3. Why there is snow on mountains tops?

As we know hot air rises up and also mountains tops are closest to sun then why there is snow on the mountains?
Simple physics: with the increase in height air pressure decreases and hot air expands and cools and the sun heats aren't much effective as the heat from earth core thus temperature decreases at top of the mountains.

4. Why one day is extra in a leap year?

Physics: Because astronomically One year is not exactly equal to 365 days instead it is 365days + 6hours. To avoid complexity in the calculation of a year these 6 hours added up after every 4 years and become one day that is 29th February.

5.Why stainless steel pans have a copper base?

Physics: Stainless steel is an alloy and a bad conductor of heat as well, therefore, it gets hot spots in contact with flame. And our food sticks to it while cooking so the copper bottom is fitted in pans because it's a good conductor of heat. 

6. Why We can burn our fingers above of the candle not beside it?

Physics: because hot air convection currents rise only above the candle, therefore, it's much hotter above it than beside and below where only less amount of heat reaches by radiation.

7. Why one should wear black in winter and white clothes in summers?

Physics: because black color easily absorbs heat radiations while white color reflects solar radiations. In summers a lot of solar radiations reflects by white color clothes and keep our body cool.
In winters solars radiation is very weak and less so blacks color clothes trap the heat and keep us warm.

8. What is the small cylindrical thing in our laptop chargers?

Physics: Since a long wire cable of laptop chargers acts as an antenna and catches many radio frequencies and creates disturbances and inconvenience in our working laptops so this cylinder know as ferrite bead or ferrite choke prevents high-frequency signals and EMI(electromagnetic interference) generated inside a laptop and also prevent voltage fluctuations by an a/c source.

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