9 Awesome.. psychological hacks

1. Park your bike in an isolated area, then there is always a chance of bike stolen no matter how expensive your bike or it's locking system is.
In this case, this hack will help you
  • remove the cap of the spark plug of your bike or losing it will enough

In most cases, no one will check the spark plug and robber will not able to start the bike.

2. Want to open a sealed bottle(beer, ketchup etc.) but does not have an opner.. then relax this hack is very easy
all you need is a plastic mineral water bottle.
Look at the plastic ring at the bottom of the cap

Then fix both the bottles in this position

then just apply force in opposite directions


3.Planning to buy a car, then buy at the end of the month because salesman have their deadlines to meet the No. of sales and it may surely save your money.

4.Drink a glass of cold water than coffee will helps you to wake up fast.

5. Smile in front of the mirror every morning will increase your satisfaction level to 55%.

6. If you have a .edu email address, you get an Amazon Prime Account so you can watch unlimited T.V shows and Movies.

7.You can easily remove the smoke of cigarette by spinning the wet Towel around the room.
8. Get rid of a runny nose...

simply push your tongue in the top of your mouth and push your finger in between your Eyes at the same time for 30-40 sec.

9. having trouble in sleeping

Just see the images of sleeping people makes you feel tired and sleepy

sweet dreams....

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