3 habits you need to develop in your 20s for a successful life.

First of all, Habit, what is Habit?

Habit is a behavior pattern regularly followed until it has to become almost involuntary.

according to scientific papers and researchers, a habit requires consecutively 21 Days to be in a complete Daily Routine.

So everyone needs to follow these 21 days principle to learning the below habits to become successful.

1. Habit of Time Management

Everyone on this world has dreams and goals to do some extraordinary and achieve the feats than anyone ever could be in their respective field of what they love. But most of them don't even taste their goals because they don't know how to manage their time, manage their day, manage their week.

Most of us plan their day but many don't implement it.
Time management needs great courage and willpower. These two things avoid you to become a procrastinator. Rise above the Peer pressure to manage your Time. Focus on your Goals, imagine them and set the deadline for every task you want to complete to hit the bullseye. 

2. Habit of Reading

We all know the first thing we learn in our schools is reading and writing.but as the time passes and technology and social media came into our lives we forget these habits.
Many great people in history and today like Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Elon musk, bill gates etc. are great readers. They all love to read.
Read whatever it doesn't matter Either its fictional, non- fictional, poems, documentaries anything but read. Because it's better to exercise your mind by giving it what it's meant for than exercise your thumb on the mobile screen and feed your brain with the Useless thing.

3.Habit of daily exercise

There is a time when students are more worried to lift the burden of their heavy school bags on their shoulders but nowadays youths are more concerned about the burden of fat around the waist.

yes, today people are more concerned about the number of likes on their facebook post than their health. They follow sports but only in front of T.V with a bowl of popcorn not in the grounds, they join gyms but fed up within a week. 

In 17 hours of work hours, we need only 30-60 minutes to keep ourselves healthy, fit and fine. the best time for a workout is in the mornings with fresh minds. Do exercise or yoga in the morning then after anything throughout your day even though you dont have the guilt of doing nothing whole day. Doing exercise has doesn't mean you have to Exercise for Abs, Biceps, Triceps instead exercise only to have a fit body as we all know healthy mind lives in a healthy body.


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